New construction

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Desde 217.200 €

Payment plan

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Building specifications

1- Foundations and structure
Both the foundations and the structure will be built in reinforced
2- Facade
The exterior facades of the properties will be layered with continuous
mortar coating, cavity wall with projected polyurethane foam
insulation. The interior cladding of the walls will be insulated drywalls.
3- Roofing
The technical roofs, which will be fitted with the solar panels
and the
external units of the air-conditioning systems, will be finished with
floor tiles.
The solariums will be layered with anti-slip stoneware flooring
for exterior areas.
4- Exterior metalwork
Aluminium finishes in windows and doors with thermal break,
paint anodising and double glazing. Tilt and turn and sliding windows
with aluminium blinds and interior thermal insulation in the bedrooms.
The doors leading from the living-room and the kitchen to the terrace
will be sliding doors.